When we say  Trylon…

Fact: We use a different kind of material to thermo-mold our boats. The material is called Trylon, and when we say Trylon, you should think . . .

Lightweight. Using Trylon means our boats weigh 10-15 pounds less than comparable kayaks, which translates into less time wrestling with your boat and more time paddling it. That’s especially good news for smaller paddlers who don’t need a weight belt to get a Hurricane from their car to the water’s edge.

Rigid. Trylon gives Hurricane kayaks a rigidity you won’t find in polyethylene boats, and rigidity means less flex, while less flex means more efficiency when moving through the water.

No Warping. Because of Trylon, a Hurricane hull retains its shape without warping or oil canning. Find a polyethylene boat that retains its shape after a day cinched to a car rack in the hot sun . . . we dare you.

Less Friction. Trylon reduces water surface friction on the hull and increases glide, which means when you take a stroke with your paddle, you will break into a smile.

Very Little Maintenance. You don’t need a degree in industrial engineering to keep a Hurricane hull looking good. In most cases, if you need a repair, you can make it easily using adhesives available at the local hardware store.

Gorgeous. A Hurricane will always look good, as it has a high-luster appearance that won’t fade or turn brittle in the sun, and – by mere association – you’ll look good paddling it.

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