A Conversation That Turned Into A Company

It’s true – the best ideas have simple beginnings – and the idea for Hurricane Kayaks started, quite simply, with an informal conversation between a small group of paddling veterans in 1998. The more we talked that evening, the more we realized that the big boys in the kayak industry had lost sight of somebody pretty important . . . the person holding the paddle. They were taking the fun out of getting on the water. So we decided to do something about it.

We set a new goal – to consistently give our customers a superior paddling experience – and we did it by creating a new kind of kayak, one that was thermoformed, not roto-molded. By thermoforming our boats, we’re able to create innovative designs with highly engineered resins – boats that perform like composites but at a fraction of the cost. Hurricane Kayaks are lighter, stiffer, more attractive, and – best of all – they’re fun to paddle.

Our lives intertwine with kayaking every single day. We think we have the best jobs in the world. We’re able to take something we’re passionate about and pass it on. If you don’t have fun with our boats, we haven’t done our job, but since 1998, the fun just keeps coming . . . and it’s called a Hurricane.

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170 Water Tank Road
Warsaw, NC 28398