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Lightweight. Using Trylon means our boats weigh 10-15 pounds less than comparable kayaks,  Which translates into less time wrestling with your boat and more time paddling it. That’s especially good news for smaller paddlers who don’t need a weight belt to get a Hurricane from their car to the water’s edge.

Rigid. Trylon gives Hurricane kayaks rigidity, and rigidity means less flex, while less flex means more efficiency when moving through the water.

No Warping. Because of Trylon, a Hurricane hull retains its shape without warping or oil canning.

Less Friction. Trylon reduces water surface friction on the hull and increases glide, which means when you take a stroke with your paddle, you will break into a smile.

Very Little Maintenance. You don’t need a degree in industrial engineering to keep a Hurricane hull looking good. In most cases, if you need a repair, you can make it easily using adhesives available at the local hardware store.

Gorgeous. A Hurricane will always look good, as it has a high-luster appearance that won’t fade or turn brittle in the sun . . . and, by mere association, you’ll look good paddling it.

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