hybrid-dayThese unique hybrids combine the best features of our popular entry-level recreational kayaks with elements of our sophisticated touring boats. The result is a best-of-both-worlds paddling experience. Our Hybrid Day Touring Kayaks are sleek, stable, fun, lightweight, high performance, and have plenty of storage space for dawn-to-dusk daytrips or overnighters.

You might enjoy the Hybrid experience if . . .  

  • You seek performance and stability in balance
  • You’d like to experiment with carving, edging, and possibly even some rescue techniques
  • You want a kayak with ample space for all your camping gear
  • You currently own a recreational kayak and want something will a little more oomph

Excursion 128 – A compact touring design that’s generous in fit, quick on water, and a manageable in size

Excursion 140 – A 14-footer with ample room for the taller members of our species

excursion 128

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