Santee 100LT

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 Model Specifications

Ideal Use* Weight Length Width Cockpit Capacity
1 & 2 33.5 lbs
15.19 kg
3 m
76.2 cm
43″ x 20.5″
109.2 cm x 52 cm
225 lbs
102.1 kg

*Key to Ideal Use: 1 = Quiet lakes and rivers, 2 = Day touring quiet coastal waters and larger lakes, 3 = Coastal waters, day trips, overnight tripping


  • Rudder/Skeg Option: No


  • Model tracks well and low wind effect
  • Bow Foam Support
  • Flotation & deck support
  • Stern Bulkhead: ABS Plastic
  • Flotation & storage
  • Hatch: 8″ Stern
  • Storage compartment access
  • Deck Bungee Rigging: Stern
  • Deck storage for dry bag & gear
  • Paddle Holder
  • Secure paddle to deck
  • Outfitting: New AireStream seat and thigh pads
  • Comfort, adjustability and breathability
  • Twist loc footbrace system
  • Easy adjustment from seated position
  • Luggage Grab Handle: Bow & Stern
  • Comfortable grip when carrying kayak during portage

Santee Series Video


We think a recreational kayak should be gorgeous, well-designed, and fun. So we put in the effort to design recreational kayaks that are light, stable and comfortable — all of the things that make getting on the water easy, worry-free, and (most importantly) fun. Want proof? Here’s the Santee 100LT. The Santee 100LT is the perfect entry-level boat or addition to your lake fleet. It weighs in at a feather-light 33.5 pounds, so making the trek from your racks to the shore is easy. We recently redesigned the 100LT to give you five extra inches in the cockpit, plus we added our new Airestream fully adjustable seat. Translation? Maximum comfort. With an integral paddle holder and a stable overall structure, the Santee 100LT is indeed all fun, all the time.

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