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Ask a lot of boat manufacturers to define recreational kayaks, and they’ll toss out stats and pie charts and graphs. For them, that’s the end of the story. Ask us, and we’ll tell you recreational kayaks mean one thing, plain and simple ― fun. We believe we have a responsibility to make recreational kayaks that spread fun across a whole range of paddlers. We want to put smiles on the faces of folks who’ve never held a paddle in their hands (and do it on the first try); and if an experienced paddler slides into one of our Santees, we want him (or her) to be able to carve like mad. In other words, if you aren’t having any fun, we haven’t done our job. So if you’re looking to add a recreational kayak to your fleet or simply get into paddling, you’ve come to the right place. Good to see you. Get ready to have some fun.

Not sure what kind of paddler you are. Well, you might be a Recreational kayaker if . . .

  • The idea of staying upright in your kayak gives you a warm fuzzy feeling
  • Shorter is better due to lack of space in the garage
  • Relaxing with your feet kicked up on the kayak deck is your idea of on-water fun
  • Extra room is necessary for that small child or pet you’d like to bring along

Santee 116 Sport – 11 and ½ feet of stable fun with a 55 x 24 inch cockpit

Santee 126 – Fun and stable like the Santee 116 but boasts an additional foot of on-water speed

Santee 126 Sport – The Santee 126 with that same awesome oversized cockpit we mentioned above

Santee 140 Tandem – A lightweight sit-inside for those who prefer to paddle with a friend

Prima 125 Sport (NEW 2021) -Multi-chined hull, roomy Sport cockpit, easy tp carry and easy to load

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