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Skimmer 116

Skimmer 116 First Class

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Sit on tops rock because they self-bail, have lots of deck space for gear, offer tremendous freedom of movement, and are about as versatile as a kayak can get. They can be used as ocean kayaks, fishing kayaks, wave riding kayaks, take-the-dog-for-a-ride kayaks, or paddle-to-that-island-and-have-a-picnic kayaks, but few can claim to be all that and lightweight too. Hurricane sit on tops are the lightest on the market, which means they get you to your destination faster and aren’t a misery to put on the car after a long day on the water. Hey, we take care of the performance, comfort and convenience when we design ‘em. All you have to do is proceed to your destination in style.

You might be a Sit On Top type of guy or gal if . . .

  • You enjoy getting wet and working on your tan at the same time
  • You plan to take your kayak in the surf but aren’t interested in learning to roll
  • You want the ultimate kayak fishing platform
  • The idea of a closed cockpit elicits feelings of claustrophobia

Skimmer 116 – Short, sweet, and light, this 11 and ½ foot Skimmer is super stable and ultra fun

Skimmer 116 Ultimate – Skimmer 166 plus Ultimate Frame Seat

Skimmer 128 – Finally, a lightweight recreational sit-on-top with excellent performance and speed

Skimmer 140 – At 14 feet and just over 50 lbs, this Skimmer is a cruiser with an angling soul

Skimmer 140 Tandem – At 14 feet and just 65 lbs, this two-seater SOT is a game changer for the crowd that likes to paddle with a partner

Skimmer Angler DLX – Check out the Angler DLX options available for the Skimmer line

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